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How did you find out about this workshop? Bountiful Gardens catalog Word of mouth
Newspaper or other publication (Name: ____________________________)
Announcement on bulletin board (Where? ________________________________)
Other (Specify: _____________________________________________________)


EXPERIENCE: How would you rate your experience with Biointensive gardening?

Just beginning Fairly basic (1-2 yrs) Moderate (3-5 yrs) Skilled (more than 5 yrs)

LANGUAGE: If English is not your native language, specify your native language: ____________
and rate your English language ability on a scale of 10 (fluent) to 1 (can barely manage):
___ Listening ___ Speaking ___ Reading ___ Writing


BIOGRAPHY: On a separate piece of paper, please write a brief biography (about 150 words), including how you first found out about GROW BIOINTENSIVE, how you intend to use the information you learn, and how you intend to be living and using these techniques 10 years from now. Also, briefly describe your current garden: the size of your growing area; what percent of that area is double-dug; the crops you grow for compost, food, and/or income. This biography (possibly edited for space considerations) will be included in the workshop program to facilitate networking among participants. Supplemental information may be shared with us, if desired.

COSTS: Workshop Fee (including 3 lunches and networking dinner):
$350 if received at least one month in ahead; $400 if received less than one month in ahead
$15 each for extra guests at the networking dinner
Cost of Publications: Depends on books ordered.

MEMBERSHIP: I would like to help further Ecology Action's education work around the world. I have included my tax-deductible donation for membership (which includes a subscription to
the Ecology Action Newsletter which announces other E.A. training opportunities):
$40 Supporting Member $60 Family Member $100 Sustaining Member
$20 Ecology Action Newsletter subscription only

Discount for Members: 25% discount on numbered booklets only.
$100 Members may also deduct 10% from the workshop fee.

METHOD OF PAYMENT: I prefer to pay by: Check (Payable to Ecology Action)
Credit card (Visa, MasterCard)
Card No. ______________________ Expiration ___/___ Signature __________________

LUNCH: (Choose one) I prefer vegetarian vegan meals. I will bring my own food.



Please check the boxes below for the publications you need. The 2006 edition of How to Grow More Vegetables is essential. The English edition will be sent, unless you indicate otherwise. Add prices, tax, and shipping and handling, and enclose payment.

Required Reading:   BOOKS BOOKLETS  
How to Grow More Vegetables, 7th ed., 2006 $19.95 perfect-bound. $21.95 spiral-bound.   Sp, Ru, Fr
Sustainable Vegetable Garden $12.95    
#14 $2.50    
#26 $5.50    

Recommended Reading:

One Circle $21.95    
#32 $8.00    
Optional Reading:        
Backyard Homestead $19.95    
Future Fertility $19.00    
Saving Seeds $12.95    
#0 $2.50   Sp, Ru
#1 $2.00   Sp
#12 $12.75    
#13 (rev. 1999) $8.75   Sp
#15 $3.00   Sp
#17 $2.50    
#18 $9.25    
#19 $2.25   Sp
#21 $1.75    
#25 $4.75    
#28 $7.00    
#29 $15.00    
#30 $12.50    
PB#1: Another Way to Wealth $3.50    
Books subtotal (A)
Booklets subtotal (B1)
(25% member discount booklets only)
    Booklets subtotal (B2)

Value of order Charge
$0.00 - $10.00 $2.95
$10.01 - $20.00 $4.95
$20.01 - $35.00 $6.95
$35.01 - $50.00 $8.95
$50.01 - $80.00 $10.95
$80.01 - $125.00 $12.95
$125.01 and over

CA residents sales tax @ 7.25%

Shipping (see right)

E.A Membership (see over)

Workshop Manual (handed out at Workshop)

(Do not include in shipping charge.)


Workshop Fee $350/$400

(%10 discount for $100 members - see over)

Guest (s) for networking dinner ($15 ea.)
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