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Cabin in the Woods
By Jamie Chevalier

Corn and Zinnia Blossoms

Jamie gardens in Northern California
PHOTO CREDIT: Quail Seeds staff

Quail Seeds, operates out of our tiny cabin on the Eel River in Mendocino County. On a small piece of land, we grow food, herbs, flowers, and seeds.

Fifteen years ago, Bob, Jamie, and our son and his partner moved from Alaska to Northern California. Working together as a family, we were the seed-packing and quality control crew at Bountiful Gardens for many years. I wrote the Bountiful Gardens catalog and helped customers with garden questions. We grew plants that were then offered in the catalog. In 2013, we bought land on the Eel River and started our own gardens.

We bring together seeds from farms and gardens all over the country to help others create homes and backyards that are inviting, inspiring and fun. Our goal is to offer plants that create a simple and effective local medicine kit, a varied and delicious local diet, and neighborhoods people like to live in, as well as homes for pollinators, birds, bees, and all of us.

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