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Your Biointensive Questions Answered!

Check out our new
Frequently Asked Questions section, where you can find answers to Biointensive gardening questions!

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Ecology Action 2011 Highlights

The latest installment of
Ecology Action's Highlights are online for you to read now! Read and find out out what Biointensive is doing around the world!

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John Jeavons @ Google

John Jeavons spoke at Google in Mountain View on April 12, 2012 about his four decades pioneering biointensive farming and what we can do for food security in the future.

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Acres Interview with John Jeavons

Acres Magazine

Acres Magazine
presents an extensive interview with John Jeavons in the December 2011 issue on newsstands now. For more information or to request a free sample issue, go to

Video: Women Farmers Using Biointensive in Africa

Watch a presentation about how G-BIACK teaches women farmers in Kenya to use Biointensive farming to build food sovereignty in their communities. By Samuel Nderitu, Director of the Grow Biointensive Agriculture Center of Kenya (G-BIACK -- an Ecology Action partner organization) at the California Food and Justice Coalition's Food Sovereignty Awards Ceremony.

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Our Biointensive
Learning Tools Online

We have created a Self-Teaching Classroom here on our website, where everyone can download a free copy our newest self -teaching guide: A Farmer's Mini -Handbook, and see useful images of Biointensive gardening methods. You can also find links to watch the new series of how-to GROW BIOINTENSIVE videos from John Jeavons and Cynthia Raiser Jeavons!

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GROW BIOINTENSIVE learning centers are sowing the seeds of
food security in Kenya

In Kenya, hunger and poverty are endemic: a majority of Kenyans experience chronic hunger
, and farmers are often unable to afford inputs for their farms. Ecology Action and our African partner organizations (Manor House Agricultural Centre, Kilili Self-Help Project and GROW BIOINTENSIVE Agricultural Center of Kenya
(G-BIACK)) are working to provide solutions.

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Ecology Action: Biointensive Farming
Growing Ecosystems of Hope for over 40 Years!

Ecology Action teaches people worldwide to better feed themselves
while building and preserving the soil and conserving resources.

6-12 Month Internship Application Deadline Sept. 15, 2014

Aware of intensifying world challenges and the basic need of people to feed themselves, we have been working for 40 years to develop an elegant, small-scale agricultural system — GROW BIOINTENSIVE® Sustainable Mini-Farming — that when practiced correctly, nurtures healthy soil fertility, produces high yields, conserves resources and can be used successfully by almost everyone. Our goal is to help this system be known and used locally...on a worldwide basis.

To learn more about the GROW BIOINTENSIVE method, and how it works, click here.

Biointensive gardens can help reduce global warming!

Compost is Carbon Sequestration!
GROW BIOINTENSIVE compost increases the amount of carbon stored in the soil, reduces the amount of water needed to grow crops, and increases the yields for both food and compost crops.
Every garden planted makes a positive difference.

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Watch the hope-filled story of GROW BIOINTENSIVE of Kenya (G-BIACK),
a project supported by Ecology Action and its members:

Our members make stories like this possible.
Please donate and become part of the ecosystem of hope.

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41 Years.
142 Countries.
Millions of people educated.
Millions of garden beds created.
Billions of pounds of fertile soil grown.

...and we're just getting started.

Grow Hope. Grow Abundance.

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Watch the self-teaching video series
from John Jeavons and Cynthia Raiser Jeavons

Session 1: Introduction

To view the latest episodes online, or to buy the full-length series on DVD
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Biointensive Learning Tools

Read John Jeavons' Interview with Ode Magazine
Biointensive Agriculture: A Greener Revolution Biointensive Garden Ode Magazine
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Employment Opportunities with Ecology Action

We Are Currently Seeking:

• Data Manager and Executive Assistant

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