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Africa: GROW BIOINTENSIVE® Programs Spread Food Security

Click a tab below to read about the GROW BIOINTENSIVE Agricultural Center of Kenya and Ecology Action's International Partners in Africa, see photo galleries from Kenya and South Africa and read inspiring stories of success from the region!

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    Help Project
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The Kilili Self-Help Project

The Kilili Self Help Project is one of Ecology Action's partner organizations supporting the work of trained and certified Kenyan community workers who teach farmers the GROW BIOINTENSIVE method of organic farming and soil fertility management.

KililiKilili Self Help Project supports graduates of Manor House Agricultural Centre in western Kenya in their work with farmers.

Sandra Mardigian, director of Kilili Self Help Project, had lived in Kenya in the mid-80s and had many friends around the country. Back in the US in 1989, she raised money to send a group of primary school teachers from Kilili Village in Machakos, Kenya, to Manor House Agricultural Centre (MHAC) for a week-long training workshop in practical Biointensive methods. Returning to Kenya the following year, Sandra found that the teachers and their students had beautiful, prospering Biointensive gardens at the schools, the families were involved, and the project was a huge success.

Based on these results, Kilili Self Help Project began to raise funds to sponsor other Kenyans to take the same program at MHAC. For several years, core groups of farmers from one location traveled to MHAC for a week of training and returned home to practice the Biointensive method and train other farmers in their area.

Meanwhile, the number of highly qualified graduates of MHAC’s two-year program was increasing each year. Since there are very few paying opportunities for these young professionals, Kilili Self Help Project began supporting their work with farmers. Eventually, grants became almost entirely dedicated to helping MHAC graduates with expenses for programs they initiate themselves, and this has become the primary mission of Kilili Self Help Project. The organization also provides financial-hardship scholarships for recommended students enrolled in MHAC’s two-year program each year.

In 2005, with support from Kilili Self-Help Project, MHAC graduates trained more than 10,000 farmers in six-day workshops. The cost: less than $6 per farmer!

Currently, through the generosity of Kilili donors, more than 116,000 families are using simple, ecological methods to achieve food security and economic self-reliance. Highly productive GROW BIOINTENSIVE gardens provide extra crops to sell. Family health improves. Soil is enriched. Children can go to school, often for the first time. The average cost of training for each farmer is US $3.50

Manor House Centre, the Common Ground Project, G-BIACK and the Kilili Self-Help Project are Ecology Action's African partner organizations. Ecology Action’s financial and educational assistance make success stories like this possible.

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GROW BIOINTENSIVE Africa: A Photo Gallery

Kitale, Kenya Gallery: GROW BIOINTENSIVE Workshop and Pan-African Symposium
August 5-16, 2007

Kenya Gallery

Click here or on the image above to view the Kenya Gallery.
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Ezemvelo, South Africa Gallery:

September 16-20, 2009

South Africa Gallery

Click here or on the image above to view the South African Workshop Gallery.
A new window will open to display the images, which were taken by participants at the workshop.