9-Saturdays Summer Course Series

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Growing Your Biointensive Skillset (Formerly 9-Saturdays Course Part 1: Introduction to GROW BIOINTENSIVE - Growing Abundance in Your Back Yard)

Timeline: The program consists of one class per week on Saturday, from 9AM-3PM, June 3 - July 29, 2023.
Cost: $644 per person, including all course materials. Not included: food, lodging, personal travel to and from the site (which will vary per participant), or medical insurance. All participants are responsible for food, lodging, travel and medical expenses associated with their participation in this program.
Application Deadline: May 21, 2023.

Click here to download a sample course description, including curriculum and program expenses. (subject to change, 2023 course description in preparation)

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PART 2: Garden Planning Simplified - Basic Techniques to Maximize Sustainable Backyard Food Production


Ecology Action and Victory Gardens for Peace offer the GardenCorps Program (which combines the curriculum of the Growing Your Biointensive Skillset and the 9-Saturdays Series Part 2: Garden Planning Simplified - Basic Techniques to Maximize Sustainable Backyard Food Production) for individuals wishing to learn to learn the essential components that make sustainable agriculture and a highly productive, closed-loop food production system possible in your back yard, using the GROW BIOINTENSIVE Sustainable Mini-Farming technique and a low-technology lifestyle and also learn more about designing a complete diet and planning a sustainable vegetable garden or mini-farm using biointensive techniques. During the course you will learn the eight principles of biointensive gardening that will increase your yields, grow your soil and conserve resources for the whole planet, as well as personal diet design and sustainable garden planning.

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Course Location:
Ecology Action's Victory Gardens for Peace Mini-Farm

Ecology Action's Victory Gardens for Peace Mini-Farm, Mendocino, CA

Victory Gardens for Peace (Mendocino, CA)

Ecology Action's Victory Gardens for Peace (https://victorygardensforpeace.com/) site in the town of Mendocino, California is situated on the grounds of the Stanford Inn-by-the-Sea, an eco-resort nestled on the cliffs overlooking the confluence of the Big River and the Pacific Ocean. Our program is focused on: developing the GROW BIOINTENSIVE model for our coastal, cool, foggy climate, improving the soil and teaching the GROW BIOINTENSIVE method. There are many challenges at the site that create opportunities to demonstrate practical and effective ways of maximizing resources and managing fertility. There is an inherently good soil here but it underwent years of compaction as a horse paddock. We are working to build soil structure and fertility to restore the soil health. We experiment with growing complete diets and different crop varieties to find which are best suited to this unique growing climate. Our internships are unique and offer a great experience in water conservation, soil fertility management and food raising through the GROW BIOINTENSIVE method.



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3-Year Apprenticeship