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Biointensive Team Corner
Introducing Justin Bartolini
Golden Rule Mini-Farm Assistant Field Coordinator–Apprentice

Justin Bartolini, Golden Rule Mini-Farm Assistant Field Coordinator-Apprentice


I was raised in the forests and mountains of the Pacific Northwest by parents who double-dug their own garden beds, and a school system that encouraged an early connection with the environment by stressing agriculture, horticulture and forestry. I attended Alderleaf Wilderness College where I studied ethnobotany and nature-based teaching and leadership. I also earned my Permaculture Design Certification. It was this period of study that brought me full circle back to the double-dug beds of my parents and the concept of true agricultural sustainability. It was a bibliography citation that led me to the GROW BIOINTENSIVE method and the work of Ecology Action. I look forward to applying my passions for teaching and stewardship of the environment that nurtures us, while working towards the sustainability of the soil that feeds us.





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