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Tool Tip: Agribon Floating Row Covers for Seedling Protection
by Ecology Action Staff

Spring is a time of sun and frost, when delicate seedlings need protection from the elements. While glass cloches and greenhouses are durable and plastic free, most gardeners can't afford them. We don't love to use plastic in the garden, but floating row covers are a more affordable way for the average small-scale farmer to cope with temperature fluctuations, as well as other threats. In Agribon with broccolicontrast to plastic sheeting, floating row covers (made of non-woven polypropylene fabric) help keep plants warm and moist when the temperature drops, but they do not trap heat the way solid plastic does – so if the temperature rises and you’re not there vent your beds, your row covers will be less likely to cook your seedlings.

Agribon is our preferred row cover – it’s more durable than others we’ve tried, lightweight, resistant to exposure, reusable (so less plastic than if you replaced it every year), and affordable; it allows light, water and air to pass through (you cannot water through it, but it can easily be lifted), and depending on thickness, can provide protection from frost, heat, wind and insects as the season progresses.

  • Agribon AG-15 Insect Control: Lightweight, potects crops from pests. Does not retain unnecessary heat. 90% light transmittance.
  • Agribon AG-19 Insect Control/Light Frost: Light enough to be laid over plants without hoops or frames. Strong enough to withstand light to moderate wind/other stress. 85% light transmittance. Provides up to 4°F of frost protection, and can keep the soil up to 4° F warmer.
  • Agribon AG-30 Medium Frost: Widely used for frost protection on citrus, strawberries, vegetables and nursery stock. Conserves water by reducing evaporation. 70% light transmittance. Up to 6°F of frost protection, and can keep the soil up to 6°F warmer.
  • Agribon AG-50 Heavy Frost: Protect fruit trees from late spring frost damage, and shrubs and vegetable crops from unseasonably low temperatures. Provides 6-8°F frost protection, with 50% light transmittance, and can keep the soil up to 6-8°F warmer.
  • Agribon AG-70 Extra Heavy Weight: Provides 8 + °F of frost protection, with 30% light transmittance, and can keep the soil up to 8°F warmer.

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