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From Seed to Seed: Educational Films on Seed Production
By Nicholas Bell and Martina Widmer (

From Seed to Seed DVD CoverWe received the following letter and thought it was worth sharing with you. Let's support this wonderful new online learning resource, and let's all save seeds!

Dear friends:

Some time ago you discovered our DVD series From Seed to Seed. We continue to develop this project, aiming to make it available to as many people as possible. Thanks to sales of our 1st set and the participation and support of many people, Portuguese, Spanish and Arabic versions have been produced.

The big news is: our new website, Please visit it, and share it far and wide!

From Seed to Seed is a series of 40 short films that gardeners of all levels can use to learn to produce their own vegetable seeds. Together, the films are a practical manual that can be used in schools, training programs or seed swaps. From cabbages to peppers, carrots to eggplants, 32 films describe the cycle of different vegetables from seed to seed, the biology of their flowers, the different varieties and how to extract, clean, sort, dry and store their seeds. The other 8 films explain theoretical and practical aspects of seed production, such as botanical classification, pollination, and selection or isolation techniques.

The films were produced by members of Longo Mai, a movement of self-managed collectives in five European countries that has existed since 1973 with around 200 people of over ten nationalities working in agriculture, animal breeding, forestry and crafts. For many years they have produced their own seeds, and they organize seed swaps. From Seed to Seed DVD Cover 2

By learning to produce your own seeds, you will contribute towards maintaining the vast heritage of heirloom varieties developed over countless generations that is fast disappearing. The only way to guarantee their survival is to cultivate them in our gardens and acquire the knowledge of how to multiply them.

The films can be viewed and downloaded free of charge at in English, Arabic and Portuguese, under the Creative Commons License. Other versions will be added in the coming months. You will also find the complete explanatory texts which make up the soundtrack, as well as drawings of the botanical families. Two different versions of the DVDs are also available for purchase online: English/French/German and Portuguese/Spanish/English.

We are always interested to hear how you have used the films and any reactions you may have had.

With our best wishes,

Nicholas Bell and Martina Widmer

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