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Garden of Hope: Sorghum Comparison
by Ecology Action Staff

Mlesh Mlegwa, a 2016 EA intern, is Director of the grassroots non-profit CBO Garden of Hope (GOH) in Taita-Taveta County, Kenya. He recently wrote about his remarkably interesting work growing out and comparing two sorghum varieties (Gadam and EU 51) for resistance to predation and climate change. He indicates that the Gadam variety, while adapted to the local effects of climate change in his area, suffered greatly from predation by birds, while the EU 51 variety grows more slowly, but has wellformed heads, and did not attract birds. As you can see from his photos below (Gadam upper, EU 51 lower), the difference is distinct between the two. He provided a great video of this plot comparison (along with a nice tour of the other growing beds, which you can watch at and he also posted a useful video on winnowing seeds ( Both the research and the videos are great resources for all GB practitioners. Thanks Mlesh!!

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IMAGE CREDITS: Garden of Hope



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