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Biointensive Team Corner
Introducing Bobby Zekanoski,
Victory Gardens for Peace Mini-Farm 1-year Apprentice

Bobby Zekanoski,

Bobby plants Oregon ash trees for coppicing, at the Victory Gardens for Peace Mini-Farm

I'm from Fort Myers, Florida. I received a BA in Philosophy and Creative Writing from Florida State University in Tallahassee. During those years I was a board member of ESP (Environmental Service Projects), Vice President of Organic (a gardening group), and a member of the Damayan Garden Project (creating community gardens in low-income neighborhoods). I spent nine 6-month seasons working and leading trail construction projects for the National Park Service. I have worked with organizations such as the California Conservation Corps and the Backcountry Trails Program.

After attending EA's Three-Day Workshop in March 2016, I became aware of the issue of soil depletion in the world, and it left a deep impression on me. I wanted more exposure to the GROW BIOINTENSIVE method of farming and to learn more about the human relationship with food and soil. I began volunteering with Ecology Action that same year and started working as an apprentice by October 17th, 2016.

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