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Biointensive Team Corner:
Introducing Katherine Cantwell

Kathy Cantwell

Katharine Cantwell, Executive Assistant at The Jeavons Center
PHOTO CREDIT: Ecology Action

Kathy is the happy mother of four now-grown children. They grew up with no television, but lots of good organic food which they continue to buy for themselves. While living in the desert in southern Nevada in the early 90s, Katharine bought seeds from Bountiful Gardens (Ecology Action's former mail-order seed, book and tool store, which closed in 2017) because they were the best supplier of organic, non-GMO seed at the time. She also practiced double-digging in her garden. She and her family moved to Willits in 2002, knowing it was the right choice and feeling like she had found her tribe. Her early interest was in geology, which she studied at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas; more recently she studied marine science technology, at the College of the Redwoods, in Mendocino. She also attended doula (birth assistant) training in Santa Rosa and is currently offering her services as a doula in Mendocino County. She is thrilled to be a part of the Ecology Action team to help promote all that it stands for.

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