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Victory Gardens for Peace Seed Bank (VGFP)
By Matt Drewno, VGfP Mini-Farm and Seed Bank Manager

Harvesting and saving open-pollinated seeds is something ALL farmers can do!
Harvesting, saving and sharing open-pollinated seeds is somethingwe can all do to help protect our wonderful diversity of garden plants, and to help grow food security in our communities!

VGfP Seed Bank, an Ecology Action project located at the Stanford Inn in Mendocino, California, is in its third year. The Seed Bank connects gardeners and farmers through the saving of seeds and offers over 500 varieties of rare, locally adapted seeds grown by our community, available to anyone free of charge. All are non-GMO, open-pollinated, organic and heirloom. Our goal is to increase the genetic diversity, access and cultural knowledge of seed saving and food security in our community.

We have a new Seed List. If you're local to Mendocino County, California, and would like some seeds, please email with your name, address and the seed index number (right-hand column of the list) of the seed varieties you are interested in. Let us know when you plan to pick them up so we can have your order ready. For more information, please read our Seed Bank cover letter. We also have a Bulk Seed Inventory.

These are seeds we have bags and bags of, and they need to be spread far and wide! These seeds are available to you by the ounce or pound. Let us know what you'd like, and we will pull them for you. Due to mail order staff limitations, we ask that you come to VGfP and pick up your order.

Victory Gardens for Peace Seed Bank also accepts donations of locally grown seeds. We store our seeds in glass jars, so make sure your seeds are completely dry, to avoid mold.

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