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Biointensive Team Corner
Misha Zaied, Mini-Farm Manager at The Jeavons Center

Misha Zaied, Mini-Farm Manager at The Jeavons CenterI grew up in Willits, California, helping my grandfather in his Biointensive garden over the years. I moved to Santa Barbara to pursue a BS in Computer Science. At the same time, I started working at the Isla Vista Food Cooperative, learning about the distribution side of the food industry. Two years after starting my degree, I left college behind to work full-time at the food co-op, where I found much more gratification working with the public, local farmers, and community-conscious food choices. John Jeavons found me content in that community, but eager to take the next step into the food-producing process. With my long-time dream of closed-loop sustainability, it was an easy decision for me to move back to Willits and join Ecology Action's team to support their mission of research, teaching, and practicing closed-loop, ecology-conscious agriculture. I'm now helping to facilitate the learning process of international interns and am incredibly grateful and fortunate to work with the intelligent, forward-thinking Farmer-Teacher-Leaders who will be the keystones of our future

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