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EA Africa Partner G-BIACK
Celebrates World Environment Day

G-BIACK's Women's Empowerment and Youth Empowerment program participants gather to plant trees on World Environment Day in Kenya

Happy World Environment Day!

On June 5, the G-BIACK (GROW BIOINTENSIVE Agriculture Centre of Kenya,, team celebrated by getting our hands dirty for a good cause! We planted a variety of fruit trees at the center, contributing to a healthier environment and a more sustainable future. Planting trees is a fantastic way to: 

  • Combat climate change: Trees absorb carbon dioxide, a major greenhouse gas.
  • Improve air quality: Trees filter pollutants from the air, giving us cleaner air to breathe.
  • Promote biodiversity: Trees provide food and habitat for a variety of wildlife.
  • Ensure food security: Fruit trees offer a delicious and nutritious source of food. 

What are you doing to celebrate World Environment Day? (Hint: you don't have to wait for next year -- you can celebrate any day you want!) 

Two young women plant a tree at G-BIACK

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