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EA and VGfP 9-Part Summer Course 2018
By Matt Drewno, Victory Gardens for Peace Manager and EA Board Member

9-Part Course Participants

9-Part Course Participants: Back row: Susan (California), Brooke (North Carolina), Jenna (California), Danika (California). Front row: Annika (California), Marin (California), Kimberley (Bermuda), Gabriella (Vermont) and Buckminster (VGfP dog)

Ancient Greek philosopher Epicurus founded a small college in a garden in Athens over 2,000 years ago. It was there that students dialogued on the subjects of health, science, philosophy and economy. In fact the word "economy" comes from the Greek root oikonomia—a combination of the words oikos, meaning "household" and nemein meaning "to manage". At the heart of this school of philosophy was the garden, where the world was experienced in its wholeness and from which grew the mind, body and soul towards health in society.

In our 9-part Summer Course we explore the connection of growing soil, food and income to grow our relationship to the greater web of life peacefully and sustainably. This 9-part Summer Course brings Ecology Action interns, apprentices and local community members together to share their experience and ideas on how to build a sustainable future together through the Biointensive method of agriculture.

This first of two 9-part courses runs each year from June through August at our training sites in Mendocino County. The focus of the first 9-part course is on the basic principles which serve as the foundation of the GROW BIOINTENSIVE method. In the morning of each class we discuss the global situation in relation to each principle, and then introduce the principle. In the afternoon we practice hands-on and proper techniques. Before wrapping up, we frame the principle in relationship to the whole-system approach which makes Biointensive an appropriate and exciting solution for a sustainable future.

The second 9-part course runs from August through October and integrates the practical approach with a complete diet, compost and income design. At the end of these 18 classes students create and present a final project with a complete diet, income and compost design using the Biointensive technique.

For our interns and apprentices, these courses enhance the day-to-day experience of the Biointensive method. For local participants, these courses inspire greater action towards sustainability in our communities. When we are all together it is magic—and inspiration takes root! The Biointensive method helps people from all over the world take part in changing the current paradigm and celebrates the great work ahead. We welcome you to join us in this work, in whatever way you can!

If you are interested in participating in one or both of the 2019 9-Part Course Series', you can find information and online registration here.

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