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3-Day Workshop: Reading

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Required Reading: Read before the Workshop, and bring with you:

  • How to Grow More Vegetables, 7th ed., 2006
  • The Sustainable Vegetable Garden
  • EA Booklet #14: The Complete 21-Bed Biointensive Mini-Farm
  • EA Booklet #26: Learning How to Grow All Your Own Food

Recommended Reading:

  • One Circle (especially pp. i-vi, 1-72, 125-128)
  • EA Booklet #32: GROW BIOINTENSIVE Composting and Growing Compost Materials

Optional Reading:

Practical Perspective: 

  • The Backyard Homestead, Mini-Farm and Garden Log Book

Diet / Compost / Income:

  • EA Booklet #15: One Basic Mexican Diet
  • EA Booklet #25: One Basic Kenyan Diet
  • EA Booklet #28: The Smallest Possible Area to Grow Food and Feed

Compost Materials / Carbon:

  • EA Booklet #12: Growing and Gathering Your Own Fertilizer

Research Perspective:

  • EA Booklet #1: Cucumber Bonanza

Saving Seeds:

  • EA Booklet #13: Growing to Seed (rev. ed. 1999)


  • EA Booklet #18: Cut, Dried and Edible Flowers for Income, Pleasure and Taste

Transforming Human Waste:

  • Future Fertility


  • EA Booklet #29: Test Your Soil with Plants!

Questions To Ask When Beginning To Farm:

  • EA Personal Booklet #1: Another Way to Wealth

Teacher Training:

  • EA Booklet #30: GROW BIOINTENSIVE Sustainable Mini-Farming: Teacher-Training and Certification Program

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