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February 2008 : News

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•  Juan Manuel sent us a summary of what some participants at the 2006 Six-Day Workshop in Costa Rica have been doing since then. He emphasized that many other participants are also involved in Biointensive activities; this is just the first round of reports:

(Report sent by Mercedes Torres, Director of ADYS)

Imbabura Province:

  • A demonstration garden was installed on the Urcuqui farm, 300 grape vines planted, a soil improvement project started by planning vicia and alfalfa.

  • A training program was given for 170 students from the Universidad Tecnica del Norte and Biointensive Agriculture programs developed by extensionists and students in the process of writing their theses.

  • A demonstration garden was installed in the Ecological Reserve of the Guayabillas Forest.

Pichincha Province:

  • The plan for the demonstration garden in Pifo was upgraded.
  • 120 Agronomy students at the Universidad Central were trained.

Cotopaxi Province:

  • A demonstration farm was installed at the Universidad Central
  • 60 students from 2 technological schools were trained.
  • A training was given for 50 community leaders.


Cesar Lineo and Marco Vinicio, professors at the University of San Carlos, gave a workshop for students and other professors and now have installed a 30-bed demonstration center.


Jorge Madrid and Juan Carlos Montoya, professors at the Universidad Catolica de Oriente gave several conferences and taught a workshop to staff and students. They are installing a demonstration center and have hired Eduar Pinzon to manage it.


Lillian Barrientos reorganized her whole NGO after the Six-Day Workshop. She then visited schools and universities to introduce Biointensive, had meetings with indigenous leaders and installed two demonstration gardens, one outside her office and another at a boarding school for indigenous children.


  • Gaspar Mayagoitia has continued his promotion of Biointensive in the Tarahumara Sierra.

  • Dr. Angelica Arango from the Instituto de Ciencias Avanzadas in Jalapa, Veracruz, gave several conferences and started a site on the Internet to keep in touch with the people that participated in the Six-Day Workshop.

  • Karla Arroyo at Las Canadas in Veracruz state began seed production and has installed an additional garden for research.     



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