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November 2008: News from the Mini-Farm, Friends and Colleagues

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  • We love hearing from our fellow farmers, especially with news from their fields! We received this email through Bountiful Gardens from Charles de Matas of St Augustine, Trinidad. “I received the books you sent, and I am poring over them. Thank you, they are quite thoughtful and useful. I've always thought that John Jeavons was way ahead of his time, and his research into sustainable gardening is now vital information for those hoping to survive high food prices globally. I have been trying various modalities, e.g. permaculture, but I like the Biointensive approach since land space is very limited (and very expensive) on small islands like the one I live on. I also like the emphasis placed on trying to grow a complete diet. Composting will be very useful for me to build up my soil, and I can use the abundant supply of grass that grows on my land instead of it being consumed by bush fires each year. I have to adapt things to my circumstances and use different crops to those given in your books, but hopefully I can be successful and be able to help others grow food also.”


  • Farmer and poet Philip Odhiambo in Kenya composed these musings on Biointensive Mini-Farming.

Simple Rules
Superfelicious birds, appreticious flowers,
Green thicky leaves where sunlight can't reach,
Green vegetation of all comfort,
Where birds of the same feathers flock together.

Every morning the queen of the garden,
Every morning the prince of the garden,
Commands all the weeds to be wild flowers hence no burden,
Because they are the puller of the weeds and planter of the seeds.

Think smart,
Work smart,
Put in determination,
Avoid compaction violation,
Practice BIOINTENSIVE components,
And to the diet you will have all contents.

Better to be a BIOINTENSIVE farmer,
Better to be and train other farmer,
Digging done so well kind of a dance,
Model so simple anyone can do it.






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