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The purpose of the intern program is to provide the intern with a thorough understanding of GROW BIOINTENSIVE sustainable mini-farming so the intern is able to apply and teach the method at a beginning and intermediate level. Interns are generally people who are already involved in a GROW BIOINTENSIVE project or will be involved in one on their return home. An applicant may be asked to attend a tour and/or a three-day workshop before consideration.

The internship is a six-month program from mid-April through mid-October at the Willits Mini-Farm or at its nearby associate, Golden Rule Garden. The two sites differ in soil quality and how time is structured. Interns at both sites will go to classes, study, and gain practical experience in the research garden.

This is an internship for service-minded people interested in garden research and teaching others. If you are looking for experience in production and marketing on an organic farm check out: WWOOF or Attra.

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The purposes of the apprentice program are to better enable the apprentice to learn in-depth about GROW BIOINTENSIVE sustainable mini-farming and understand the most effective and sustainable farming practices for a given situation as well as to train teachers, and program and project staff. This three-year commitment requires energy, responsibility, and self-motivation. An apprentice will study and work full-time under the guidance of Ecology Action staff and participate in research and education opportunities within and without the garden. If you want to learn more about an apprenticeship, there is an in-depth discussion of the program in our Apprentice Opportunities Booklet.

Apprenticeship Prerequisites: The steps to becoming an apprentice are found in detail in the booklet. Briefly, they are:

  1. Read the basic Ecology Action publications available from Bountiful Gardens (The Sustainable Vegetable Garden, How to Grow More Vegetables, The Backyard Homestead, and Booklets #0, 9, 14, 19, 21)

  2. Attend one of Ecology Action’s tours and/or three-day GROW BIOINTENSIVE workshops, see Events

  3. Submit an application as described in the Apprentice Opportunities Booklet

Ecology Action of the Mid-Peninsula has been a small 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization since 1971.

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