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November 2007: International Partners

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By Philip Odhiambo

As the sun shines and wind blows,
Flowers open and insects beckon closer,
With sweet and irresistible smell,
They came signing and visiting a Biointensive garden.

Did you see the worms crawling?
Waggling all around, as busy ants
Were touching this, touching that,
In the soil so dark, so black and mysterious
Amongst the roots of a sturdy green and healthy plant.

As water drips in every day,
Just enough to quench the thirst
Of a well-spaced plant in hexagonal,
Diagonal and line offset, then supplemented
With discarded waste but useful,
By hand caring and considerate.

The harvest gonna be bumper,
Taste irresistible on all the tongue,
In all tables “A little more please.”
And then, they gonna ask “Where did it come from?”
It came from a Biointensive garden.

“Let’s make Biointensive agriculture to be more ours.”



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